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Brian "Krow" Aker's Idle Thoughts

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Brian "Krow" Aker
4 August 1972
External Services:
  • brian@tangent.org
  • krow@livejournal.com
This journal is all about me, not you. If it was about you it would probably contain details of your personal life, including your issues with toilet training. Since its not it just contains random thoughts and lousy insights into whatever I happen to see. I travel a lot so expect to see grainy camera phone pictures of places that I will barely describe.

Expect run on sentences and poorly defined grammatical structures. Prepare your vomit bag for thoughts that will scare the cat lover in you (BTW I own two cats but don't expect much mention of them because I happen to like the dog more).

More then half of what I write about is just computer crap, the rest is normally about how irritated I am with the airline or hotel of the day.

This journal copies all content to Krow.Net, so I use it for note taking. The notes are for me, not you (see earlier disclaimer). There in an incredibly geeky system using RSS, HTTP, and several other bits of alphabet soup, to make this happen. Its not worth explaining since I hack it up every couple of months and rewrite it for the hell of it.

Obviously if you want to know more about me you should just go to google or try to be clever with searches on Krow.Net. There was an older site called Ask Brian, but it has been several years since I bothered to keep it up to date.

Grand Central: (206) 569-4553

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