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Syncing, Google vs OSX, iPhoto Ate my Father's Wedding Pictures

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I don't really love OSX, as much as I happen to be a UNIX bigot. 

Minus the long grey beard.

Why do I like OSX? 

  • Terminal always works.
  • WiFi always works.
  • I love Toasters

Toasters are awesome. You put bread in, you push the bar down and you get toast.

That is until the toaster starts to burn bread because either the dial has been turned all the way up, or the toaster has become so old that the springs are worn out.

iPhotos? iPhotos burns a lot of bread, I mean, it eats a lot of photos. 

It is really irritating to lose photos, especially in the manner that happens with iPhotos. With iPhotos you can see the icon it made of the photo, but the original? It is long gone. I haven't done an exhaustive search of all of the meta data, but you certainly can't export or even view the photos.

A lot of my photos I upload to flickr when I want to store/share them longterm, but I haven't always done that. 

And when I went to show someone a photo from my father's wedding? I discovered that it had once again eaten all of the photos from the wedding. 

So what to do about it? I'm going to go with Picasa. I recently acquired a new NAS (I upgraded from my NV+ Readynas, to a Ultra6 ReadyNas). I have been writing scripts that have been extracting all of the pictures from all my computers. It is opening up tarballs of old home directories and pulling images from them and then storing the images to the NAS. If I could figure out how to deal with Spam I would extract all of the images from my email as well.

Picasa has been running for a couple of dates. It has ~15K of headshots it has found. I thought that iPhotos face recognition was pretty gimmicky. The Google one though? It is sharp. It is finding friend's photos that I didn't know that I had (so much for anonymity during the Fremont Solstice Parade!). My only real complaint with it so far is that I wish I could share the facial recognition information with friends so that we could collectively parse photos. 

Downside? Picasa image display is not that awesome. Its slow, and for some reason someone thought it would be brilliant to include all of the headshots in one window. Which means I have to do a bunch of scrolling to approve photos that it is finding.

Like all programs Picasa needs a kill file

Another downside to Picasa? It is walled garden. I like flickr, I am going to continue to use flickr. It's annoying that I can't sync between the two (maybe Google will buy it?).

At the very least you would think that Gmail would be able to extract photos from email, Or make it easy to share photos between my computers. 

iPhoto did an ok job at editing photos, Picasa is really lacking when it comes to this. I've been meaning to make more use of Lightroom, I guess this will give me a reason.

Next on my list of problems to solve?


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