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Wikipedia, Mornings, and Danger of an iPad

Wakeup at 7:08

The movie I was watching last night, a semi-documentary on the early punk music scene leads me to remember that there was a character called the “Brood” in the Marvel Universe.

So I lookup “Brood”.

Next I read up on the Acanti. Who doesn’t like space traveling wales that do harmony?

Which leads me to read up on Acheron Empire because of a slight reference to to the Acanti.

This of course leads me to read up on the Hyborian Age, and read the entry on Robert E. Howard. I briefly read the entry on Red Sonja, which leads me to the entry on the film, ad makes me wonder what was up with the copyright on Conan at the time. I also wonder what the X governor of California is up too, and wonder if the movement to change who can become president is moving forward at all. Which makes me wonder if he wouldn’t make for a somewhat palatable republican candidate. I can only imagine him on stage with Palin.

I then retreat from this entire tangent.

I look to see whatever happened to Brigitte Nielsen and discover that celebrity drug hab TV exists, and then have to look up Jamiee Foxworth because I have no idea who this child actress was. If you aren’t Gary Coleman or Drew Barrymore. I have no idea who you are.

Sometime in the last year I’ve read the article on Drew Barrymore, so I can skip that.

Jumping back I read the entry on “Kull of Atlantis”. I do not get the appeal of barbarian fiction.

The apeman article is just a jumping off point for a number of topics. I read up on the concept of “Person” and read about Humanezee. Parahumans? Check.

Did you know that there is a movement called the “Great Ape Project”?

Give rights to our fellow apes.

The DNA difference is quite small. I then read about the Soviet project to breed human hybrids. I know the germans had one as well, but I don’t notice it linked into any of the articles. The story of “Oliver (chimpanzee)” is pretty sad. We humans suck. I read up on Karl Pinkington, and from there…

Ancient kingdom of the Picts, which requires me to understand Bede the historian.

The modern movement for different countries in the United Kingdom to gain some level of independence is fascinating (especially since in the end it disenfranchises the English (deserves you right…).

Transhumance has nothing to do with transhumanity. I did briefly see an article on that, but I have heard enough about it in life. On the other hand reading up on transhumance gives me a better picture about the legalize structure of a nation.

Want to start a movement to do away with counties in Washington?

I find myself reading up on Wales which leads to articles on the End of Roman Rule in Britain. Hadrian’s Wall? Sounds like it was a taxing structure. Built in seven years and 80 miles long!

I have doubts that we could do that today. It was historically saved by a plan of purchasing land around it, using that land for sheep, and using the proceeds to buy more land.

Devolution, Padani, and Nunavut all follow. I hadn’t realized how much the structure of Canada had changed in the last could of decades.

Go Nunavut!

BTW Canada? You suck for shipping eight families off to the great white north and not letting them come back south when they realize that you had sold them a bill of goods. That is just awful. Who would have thought Canadians did this shit?

Grise Fiord? At least let them rename it to a language that is spoken in Canada.

The Welsh at least have “Snowdonia”. Way more pleasant name.

Time spent on the above? About two hours.

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