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Upgrading, Hudson to Jenkins

Upgrading, Hudson to Jenkins
Yesterday we finished upgrading Drizzle’s hudson servers to Jenkins. We are a long time Hudson user, and we love it. It has been one of the most top notch pieces of open source software I have seen delivered in the last few years.

The authors, especially Kohsuke Kawaguchi, have done an amazing job.

So why move from Hudson to Jenkins? Because the authors have moved. The people we have trusted, and respect have been required to change the name from Hudson to Jenkins. We will bet our money and time on the folks who have earned it. These are he people who have been delivering time and time again.

In the last couple of years I have sold a dozen or more companies on Hudson (and a fair number of open source projects).

Over the years I have used a dozen or so continuous integration systems. Some were home grown, and some were purchased. In the software business, there are two things that differentiate the professionals from the rest. How you make use of revision control, and how you test your software. I have often wished that we would have had a piece of software like this for MySQL, and I love that we have had it for Drizzle.

Jenkins is just as important as git, bzr, and subversion. I am really happy to see the direction the authors are taking it in.

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