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To be brief...

Went to brc, built a monorail, I got to see people's face light up, got to see how an elctrical car should work, and built an awesome camp (72 at final).

I believe in people and that comes with rewards, risks, and failures.

My radar for people is pretty good for finding gems, but I recognize that crowd sourcing has some advantages.

People do not always know what to do when you give them ownership. Be careful about giving it,... I have a lot on this idea.

A little negative energy goes a long way, which means that you should be very careful about including people who pass it along. Its better to confront them about their state of being by being kind to their situation then to just ask "how are you doing".

BM LLC cares, but realize that everyone interprets the shadow puppets differently. When in doubt? Read the back of the ticket.

No one died, no one was hurt, and we put the thing together in a week. The lights worked, the rail was never destroyed, and I even got to ride in it.

A half a month in the desert was fine. My peeps are pretty awesome.

I only smiled when asked "what do we build next year".

More to come...

In the end? 1600 gallons of water, of which only 80 gallons went unused.

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