Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Gearman 0.12 Released

The highlights:

  • Fixed bug where memory loss occured if data was too large.
  • Added gearman_strerror().
  • Fixed bug where setting an option off in mass would not trip any triggers on the option (for both worker and client).
  • Options that are internal can no longer be set by external callers.
  • Deprecated gearman_client_set_event_watch_fn() and gearman_worker_set_event_watch_fn.
  • gearman_job_handle() and gearman_job_function_name() now return const char* pointers
  • gearman_worker_unregister now returns GEARMAN_NO_REGISTERED_FUNCTION if the function does not exist (or is being removed)
  • Added gearman_worker_function_exist()
  • Trying to send too large of a piece of data will result in GEARMAN_ARGUMENT_TOO_LARGE.
  • Added support for gearmand command client to daemonize and create a pid file.
  • Fixed job handle comparison bug with WORK_FAIL responses.
  • Fixed disable assert configure option.
  • TokyoCabinet support added.
  • Updates to Drizzle support.
  • Updates to MySQL support.
  • Build system updates.
  • And a lot more then what I will write here...

    0.12 was a cleanup release for the most part. Numerous bugs were fixed and we cleaned up the API to make it a bit safer for the future.

    For the next release the plan is to put more effort into the server, which will including additional logging options and updates to the server code around its internals (mainly C++ work over C).

    You can download 0.12 from here:
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