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2010, Life

Things that happened in 2009:

  • We got a major chunk of MySQL refactored into Drizzle. Thanks to Jay we have a new replication system that we are shaking out. Monty Taylor has created an impressive bit of porting kung-fu that has made porting cake. Eric has the the Listener plugin work in shape which makes NULL plugins, drizzled console, and the future "whatever a server side script is" cake to work on. We have a BSD based libdrizzle so the "well if you link like this..." license questions all go away, along with any historical FUD that has been created around them. Lee, Jay, and community have put together an impressive regression system which is far beyond anything we ever had for MySQL. Stewart killed FRM which has always been one of our "we could do this, if we could replace FRM...". We have full time developers now in multiple companies and contributions continue to come in.

  • It took three years but I completed my "lets see if we can be a bit healthier if we lose some weight". I started off in 2005 at about 182 and nowadays I stick to about 150. What changed? I cut out eating bread in large part and I switched to eating when I felt like I needed to eat. I get a lot of "you look healthier" or "were you sick?". It is amazing how people see weight loss. People's reactions can really be across the board. For me though? I rarely have issues with my asthma now and I have a lot more energy in general.

  • I spent more time in Seattle then I have since 2005. I am still traveling, but I made a point of really trying to live in Seattle and be here more. This spring a friend commented on my being around by saying "It has really been great to see you at events again". Comments like that made it completely worth the effort I have been putting in to be here.

  • Completed the "puppy acquisition". I am always happiest when I have a dog in my life. I've been watching Rosalynd get old and while I know she has a few more years in her, I really wanted to keep a constant flow of dogs in my life.

  • We built the Worm Tube. For Burning Man this year I worked out a 2800 square foot structure that weighs under 500 pounds and cost less then $800 to build.

  • Libmemcached is alive and well. Its user base continues to grow and we did a lot of exciting things. It is now distributed in all major Linux distributions. We have a new library that wraps the Memcached protocol. Using it you can create add Memcached compatible existing services to existing projects. Schooner provided a new memslap in December that greatly enhances testing.

    What about 2010?

  • Put more effort into personal relationships. Something I walked away from Burning Man this year was a need to enhance the personal relationships I have. Focus on what matters and put more effort into the core of my social group/family/etc. There are some awesome people in my life and I should be spending a considerable amount of my time nurturing the relationships with them.

  • Is Drizzle production yet? Whenever I ask an audience if anyone is using Drizzle in production I get a few hands up in the air. I asked one group "what does production mean to you?". I got back an answer of "will we lose data?". My answer was, "if you trust Innodb today, then you are fine". We have our bugs and there are issues at hand but I feel like the gap is narrowing on that question. This year we will shake out the replication system, and it should be interesting to see what all happens there. We have seen plugins being written to replicate to many of the NoSQL solutions and I believe the flexibility that we have put into the system will solve a lot of the mixed shop problems that we run into. A database is not an island unto itself, it is just another piece of infrastructure and it needs to play well with other pieces. I believe this year we will see a Windows Binary. I would like to say we would double the number of major contributors we have in multiple companies, but I can't keep track any more of where all people come from. I should find this out so that I can create a metric :)

  • For Libmemcached we will see a restructuring of its guts to do more asynchronous work. We have a few years under our belts now of knowledge and we can improve on performance. I am going to be adding support for range queries, which is specified in the protocol. I am hoping to see at least one vendor adopt the protocol library. I believe we should finally support Windows directly out of the box. I have patches now that will allow us to do more centralized management of Memcached clusters. I am looking forward to pushing those. Some of this work will be done in the current version, but I expect to work on some of this in a version 2.0. We hit trillions of transactions some time ago, so claiming 2.0 seems humble enough :)

  • Raise puppy. This is not a small amount of work.

  • Build the Monorail :)

  • Spend about the same amount of time in Seattle. I want to take a couple of trips overseas this year but I want to spend less time in general away, especially weekends.

  • Be a better advocate for Open Source, both for the projects and the business models. There is a lot of FUD that has been spread over the years and I want to spend a bit of time being more vocal squashing it. We have seen coalition's built around cripple source concepts, license BS, developer model hijinks, etc... I spent a couple of hours in one country just explaining the differences between open source and free software to some government administrators after a certain luminary confused the hell out of them. There is no advantage too damning one license at the expense of another.

  • Advocate for open source databases. One thing I have been doing in the last year has been trying to help people pick a database. There are a lot of good open source databases right now and none of them are a one size fit all solution. It has been refreshing to make suggestions or provide answers based on need. When we worked out the original FAQ for Drizzle we made a point of mentioning different databases, I was very happy about that.
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