Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Stargate Universe is Space 1999

Yes I have been hearing from folks "its Voyager" or "its BattleStar Gallactica".

Wrong! It is Space 1999.

Now for all you who were raised with X-Wing fighters, you should acquaint yourself with the world of the Eagle Transporter. It will be left as an exercise for the reader to go acquaint themselves via wikipedia with the background of the show.

I could claim that the nuclear explosion which sent the moon hurtling away from the earth in Space 1999 forms the opening point to why the shows are twins born decades apart, but that would be basing everything on a very weak argument ( more then say, the moon being knocked out of orbit and thrown at lightspeed away from the Earth).

In Stargate Universe you have a Stargate Crew which is hurtling through space on a starship they cannot control, much like the crew of the moon in Space 1999. Who can possibly control a moon that has been blown out of its orbit? Each week the crew is going to come into contact with a stargate that they will be able to access for a very limited period of time. They will be able to get onto planets once they come into dialing distance, but they will have to get back to ship before they are out of range.

In Space 1999 you had crews running off on Eagle Transporters once the moon came into distance of a planet (yes... ignore completely the physics of this). They would have a limited time to examine the planet before the moon would go out of range of their craft to join back up with it.

I am wondering if we can just line the episodes up, and play "match that episode".

The main scientist for Stargate Universe outfit would easily fit into the 1970s.

I wonder how many episodes it will take before they reach some sort of Dystopian world?

Alien telepaths?

With both BSG and Atlantis going off the air I thought for sure I would be getting to take a year off from poorly produced and thought out Science Fiction.

Oh well! :)

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