Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Innodb Concurrency, No Kidding...

Back in 2007 I, and then several others, pointed out the Innodb Concurrency should be set to zero (or any large number) if you are planning on scaling.

I don't get why anyone is congratulating themselves on this self discovery, since we have all known about this for over two years. It is great to see that the default setting for 5.4 is finally being fixed but this shouldn't be a revelation to anyone who has been working with the server for years (and the Innodb team fixed this in their own plugin a while ago, which should be no surprise since they author the code). This was one of the first, and frankly simple, changes made to Drizzle.

Here are some more obvious ones:
  • Kill the query cache (and disable Stored procedures and their cache if you can).
  • Remove the locks around show process list.
  • Fix the binlog (or just ditch it).
  • Fix all of the locking in the access controls.
  • Increase the default table cache.
  • Depending on your filesystem/etc move to multi file Innodb (for that matter, take the Innodb plugin for a spin for compression).
  • ...

    Want the best bang for the buck for performance?

    Buy SSD for your databases, and go figure out how to use a caching layer so as to not need to manage a bunch of replication servers.

    If you are worried about managing your caching server I would look at Gear6 or Virident. I am especially impressed with the Gear6 replication technology.
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