Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Books, Libraries, Victory?


Well sort of.

This morning I finally completed the loading of all of my books into LibraryThing.

The reason I started this project was to keep myself from buying duplicates (and to keep down the number of duplicates within my friend circle in general).

The problem is, most of the books I don't care about really. Other then graphic novels, the rest are for the most part paperbacks I just loan out. Some I get back, some I don't. I've given away scores of O'Reilly books and dozens of copies of a couple of other series. When I find some books for under a buck I just buy them so that I can give them out to others.

It is not like I own every book I have ever read.

What I would love to have is a dump of the database from my childhood libraries (or from the library in Iowa City, I read a lot as a graduate student). Part of me would love to know some of the titles of books I have almost completely forgotten. This sort of information would be fun to have.

As for books I currently have?

The graphic novels I worry about duplicating since I pick up a lot of these, almost all, at used bookstores. So it is handy to pull up a browser and sort through a stack of them before I go to the checkout counter.

Everything else?

If I was to move nowadays I would shed a lot of books before I did. Less and less, do I see the point of keeping them around. There are only a few technical books that have stayed relevant enough for me to want to keep them. For fiction, once I have read the book I am done with it. I hardly ever go back and reread fiction.

If it wasn't for DRM, I would just switch to electronic books (and I fully expect DRM to go away with books within the next few years).

The value of an object is inversely valued based on a ratio of its weight and awkwardness when carried up a flight of stairs. When I stopped moving every year I stopped tracking this as much, but I still ponder this fact whenever I buy something (I live on the third floor of an old house with a very narrow stairwell). Books weigh a lot when you have to carry crates of them.

The main realization of this morning when I completed cataloging all of the books?

I think I still have a crate of Geology and Math textbooks downstairs that I have never unpacked.

So much for completion.

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