Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Glasses, Fail :(

Last Sunday while rock climbing the rope popped as I fell and smacked my glasses, bending them.

Time for a new pair!

I go to the glasses shop to pick up a new pair and get my current pair bent back.

What happens?

They break one of my lenses.

I can see well enough to type... but that is about it. Getting around my house is fine, but I have several things wrong with my eyes and navigating the world without my glasses is an issue.

So the eye shop create a temporary pair while they send my old glasses off for new lenses, and order the new pair at the same time.

The issue is?

The temporary pair have been giving me headaches. They... didn't seem right. I took them back and the shop verified that they were correct. This was done by the same guy who broke my good pair.

The glasses were not working though. I almost cancelled a trip up to Whistler because I didn't think wanted to go up there and not be able to see (I went, it was fine... I had a blast).


I did have to drive home and while I can see well enough to not hit another car at night... I certainly could not read road signs.

So today I go in to pick up my glasses... and... they are perfect!

I can see again!

So what was up with the temporary pair?

When I went to pick up my new pair I got the lab technician to take a look at them.

Guess what?

The lenses were backwards. My vision is far from being symmetrical. The prescription was right, but for the wrong eye :(

The lab technician fixed up the temporary pair so that I can have yet another spare pair.

A week without being able to see really makes me appreciate my glasses :)
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