Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Still Haven't Resigned, Current State of me :)

"I head Monty has 20/30 people ready to leave, do you know when you are going to start?"

The answer is that is not in my plans. I continue to be pretty happy at Sun and continue to find and enjoy new co-workers to interact with.

So what am I doing?

For one the Drizzle team is completing its Cirrus milestone and preparing the project for source/tarball release. We set up the milestone back in October and we have been making great headway in getting it completed. There has been a lot of effort from what is roughly a hundred or so folks working on making that happen (40+ in code, but there are a lot of tasks that have nothing to do with programming). It will be an exciting spring for the project and we are moving like a rocket toward it. We have seen the code begin to take shape as C++ and have removed hundreds upon hundreds of warnings/bugs/issues with the code. We are far from done yet, but I am happy with the progress we have made. We have even opened up the door on how to add back some features in an optional/pluggable manner. We will be having a summit on the direction of Drizzle the Friday of the week of the MySQL Conference. I will be blogging more about that at some point.

Thanks in large part to Eric Day, we have the new Gearman server and client libraries out and I suspect to see the third release in the next day or so. That has long been a sore point with me, because work has moved so slowly on it, but Eric has really been instrumental in changing that around (and you should check out the talk coming up at the MySQL User's Conference on it). Gearman is still stealthy despite the hundreds of servers running it at places like Digg, Yahoo, and etc.

Last week we released the 26th version of libmemcached. The number of companies who contribute to libmemcached continues to grow (Yahoo, Mixi, Baidu, Sun, Lycos, and most recently Twitter). I've long since lost count of who all uses it. We have been stable for sometime now, and the number of wrappers for other languages is outstanding (and there are many billions of transactions a day being run through it).

As far as Memcached in general goes, Sun will be extending its efforts to contribute back to the project. As of today I have approval to hire three additional engineers to work on it full time, plus we will add a full time person to work on QA for the project. We have a number of goals in supporting the project, which include better performance for SMP, easier scale out, support for different storage means, and completion of the original work Brad did for supporting the phasing in and out of virtual buckets.

There is more to come, but that is for the second half of the year :)

As far as Monty being inside of the company or not? It is pretty irrelevant to me. I joined MySQL about five years after Monty founded it, and before that worked with MySQL outside of the company. Now the shoe is on the other foot :)

I don't expect anything to change there. We talk very frequently about what is happening in the server tree, and he will continue to work on Maria.

In the world of open source development, only the unimaginative draw lines in the sand based on employers. Co-operation with others is how you/groups/companies move ahead.
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