Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Netscape Enterprise Server, Now Open Source

Last year when Sun acquired MySQL I did a tour of a few of the campuses meeting different engineers to see what they did with Sun. At some point last year I met up with a group in Menlo Park who had been working on a webserver at Sun. Low and behold it was the evolutionary grandchild of what was the Netscape Enterprise Server. After talking to the engineers I wrote a few internal letters to see if we could push the code out as BSD so that others could learn/use/maybe even migrate if they wanted to. I am happy to say that Sun has decided to make the release happen:

This marks another milestone in the very long history of this web server. Back in the 90's this was the Netscape Enterprise Server, which later morphed into the iPlanet Web Server during the Sun|Netscape Alliance. After some years it was renamed the SunONE Web Server and most recently renamed again to the JES Web Server (Sun just like to keep you confused, thus the constant renaming of the product!)

Whether or not this is the first project Sun has published under the BSD license or not I am unsure of (thought many think it is... but seeing who one of the founders of Sun was, wouldn't it be odd if it was?)

Link to the project

And yes for those who also ask, I've had no luck getting ZFS moved to the GPL, let alone the BSD license. But I will keep asking internally :)
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