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To Twitter or Not

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Jan. 5th, 2009 | 09:30 am

Almost a year ago I made the post "Twitter..." about my often asked question of the time about whether I should be writing an LJ blog post or just tweeting a thought.

As total number of posts go, Twitter won last year hands down. I comment about my life daily on it.

Want to know what I do with Drizzle day to day? Read twitter.

Want to know about the things which give me a chuckle most days? Read Twitter.

Twitter forces me to boil my thoughts down into simple statements. Fewer characters mean I waste less time getting to the point (talk about rethinking what you learned in college about trying to fill paragraphs in order to write longer papers!).

Unlike my blog which is filled with random photos and lengthy posts on technology, Twitter is more a dump of my mind (though far from all of it). I've not bought into the "you must stick to one topic and create a feed which has the characteristics..." Twitter style guidelines.

It sounds terribly dull.

Dull does nothing for me.

Nor does Saturday Night Live for that matter (but Jon Stewart? Well...)

So I will give absolutely zero promises about blogging more this year. What I will do is make Twitter a bit more ubiquitous in my life so that I can drop more thoughts.

And if this had been a twitter post?

"More Twitter, Less LJ, more thoughts this year."

I would even have the room to add in a URL to the tweet for this post :)

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from: topbit
date: Jan. 5th, 2009 06:45 pm (UTC)

I have a twitter, and identi.ca - though rarely read them directly - just get some delivered by XMPP via friendfeed.

My only thought is, that you can't have a useful discussion over twitter - and sometimes it's just gonna need more than a sentence to explain things.

The one sentence brain dumps - twitter. Anything else actually worth a discussion - LJ, or some other form of a blog.

The loud twitter things - a bit annoying. The point of twitter is that it's instant. Finding out what you were thinking/doing 12 hours ago is fairly pointless. Then again, so is reading what would be delivered from the firehose of drivel that most people spend their time posting. How anyone would get anything useful done if they are getting dozens of 'tweets' an hour by SMS is beyond me. Then again, my phone is 90% tool for urgent communication anywhere, and only after that for entertainment, when I choose.

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