Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Dear Dude with s3kr1t laptop data, I do no care

Right now I have the roadmap to some northwestern software companies mobile plan staring me in the face.

See... the fellow in front of me in plane is working on a set of slides explaining the next generation mobile OS that he is involved with (and unless he is faking the "Company Confidential" bit on the bottom of the slides, I am pretty sure I am looking at the real thing).

Guess what?

I do not care.

Do you know what I care about?

When is Google going to get me an unlocked gphone that won't cause me to switch carriers in order to get high speed internet on my phone?

Sure, today in my pocket sits an iPhone, but I speculate that in short order my concerns over syncing my data will be over with. I still have not bothered to get a 3G model. Speed would be nice, and I want it in my next phone, but what I really want is some options for applications.

A keyboard and batter life would be nice as well.

What matters to me is that I do not want one company having a stranglehold over innovation. Some of the apps on my iphone are nice, but none of them have reached the point of being a "killer" app for me yet. For a while I was enchanted by one program that let me share a set of "buy this stuff" notes. Overtime I have stopped using it though, and just moved to using my Amazon WishList.

And about those slides the fellow is generating next to me?

He is using Keynote to generate them.
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