Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Bigger Company, MySQL Phone Numbers, My Dog

I thought it would be fun to share this:

Hi Brian,

We are cleaning up the old Cupertino phone system. You have an extension 408.213.6576 on this system.
I also see Rosalynd Aker has 408.213.6657 and this forwards to your email address

Do you still need these numbers? Thank You!


Rosalynd is my dog.

When MySQL first started up with VOIP I got a second line because I was playing with call forwarding at the time. We had to list something in the dial system though, so I used her name.

I had wondered when someone would remember and purge this from the system. Startups have a certain sense of fun to them :)
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