Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Apple, Tomorrow, What I want to hear

So what is on the top of my list for what I want to hear from Apple?

  • 3G iPhone I've been holding out for a 3G iPhone. Without this... the change is just not significant enough for me to want to change from my Treo. The current iPhone is close to "works well enough" for me, but the 3G part is what changes the balance. For a nice topping? I want a real GPS chip in the phone. The cheery on top? Let me sync my Keychain to my iPhone so that I have access to all my passwords.

  • Replace .MAC I have a subscription to this service, but it really is not doing much for me. What I need is a way to offsite my Time Capsule at this point. That is a service I would pay for.

  • iCal sync to Google Calendar I want support for this built in to iCal. I am willing to go the third party route, but what I really want is for this feature to be built in to iCal.

  • HDMI on new laptops I want to see an HDMI port on my next laptop.

  • KeyNote PodCast Generator It would be nice to see the ability to create podcasts from within Keynote. It would make the process of publishing information a lot simpler.

    Now as a developer what would I like to hear?

  • iPhone Open Platform I would love to hear that apple has opened up their iPhone to allow any application to run on it.

  • XCode autoconf support XCode is pretty sharp, but it does not work well with Autoconf. I would love to see this change.

  • Front Row Plugins I like the simple interface, but I want more. Apple needs to open up Front Row to plugins. Give me YouTube, video streams, the option to listen to documents. Heck, let me push Front Row to my second monitor, but leave me the main screen for typing.
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