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Log Buffer #97

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May. 16th, 2008 | 10:22 am

Welcome to the 97th week of Log Buffer. I am Brian Aker, and I will be your cruise director :)

Synchronisation in via scripting in the Database? Jonathan Lewis has a write up on making use of a locking package for Oracle. How about some published release notes for Oracle 10gR2?

On the MySQL side we have a post about "Time Delayed Replication", or what I often refer to as "we break our databases a lot, so we would like some more length in the rope please".

Ever seen a DBA run through a data center in the hopes to pull the ethernet cable out of the back of a machine before "DROP DATABASE <>" was replicated?

I have :)

Fritz Hoogland announces a new statistics package for Postgres. You have heard of the MySQL Pluggable Storage Engine Interface right? Have you played with Postgres's pluggable language support?

Prepared statements were in the news this week. Does Postgres have an issue? Or is it the result of bad application designs? From using these with MySQL, I question the value of them in applications with dynamic queries.

Free e-book on SQL Server announced, I hear that Amazon has the Kindle back in stock!

Ever been interested in the page compression features for SQL Server? Linchi Shea has an article outlining what was found after compressing several databases.

Have you seen the inside of a Modular data center?

If you have one you need a proxy. I made a request this week to find out which is the best proxy. Turns out there are more of them then what I knew existed. Dormando wrote up an article on the DPM Proxy.

Hacking perl? Patrick Galbraith released a new DBD::mysql.

Want to get MySQL and Hibernate to play nicely? Mark Matthews goes over the particulars with how to make "ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" work.

From the world of semi-structured there was a batch update on the status of CouchDB. Check out the work on the new geo-data bits. Further work is being done on incremental reduce by Damien.

Finally, lets congratulate Pythian on their successful invasion of Europe.

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(no subject)

from: axehind
date: May. 16th, 2008 05:50 pm (UTC)

The Modular data center's are neat. Though I have yet to see one or know anyone that has seen one. I thought Google was suppose to do something like that too.

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