Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Thoughts on blending in...

When I was in Japan back in December a business partner marveled that I could eat with chop sticks. His son it seems has rejected them.

Today was the third time I've been asked if I have lived in India before.

Why? I eat the food like a native, and know how to order what I want to eat.

The secret?

When I was 15 I got into a kick of just eating with chop sticks. When traveling I would carry them with me since I found them easier to deal with then silverware.

When I was 18 I first ate Indian food with a family that had just moved to the states. They made a point of showing me how to eat it properly with bread (to this day I pretty much never pick up silverware when eating Indian). I do not though have the cupped finger trick for soup down pat :)

Its funny how people pick up on eating habits. I always thought it was important to experience food in the way it was originally served. Adds to the experience :)

I cannot though pronounce all of the different types of food I have eaten. I know some basics so I know what is in what I am eating.

Final thought... you have never had Masala Chai until you buy it off a guy on the corner who grinds the spices himself. The stuff served in hotels come from powder, and it is quite weak compared to what the original tastes like.
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