Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Why Non-Distributed Systems Suck

I have a patch that I just emailed to an upstream committer.

The main repository is in Subversion.

Now I want to work on a second patch.

What to do?

Toss my current patch out, revert, and work on another patch.

If this was a distributed system?

I would just commit locally. I would then work on a new patch. When the patch was committed to the main system I would just pick it up with a pull. I would never notice the issue because the remote patch would come in and be merged locally.

And what about the process where I work on a patch in pieces and commit along the way?

Well you can forget about that with a non-distributed system.

The solution to my problem? It looks like Fedora has SVK packages. With those I should be able to get around all the limitations for the remote server being Subversion.

What do I want?

The remote server to be Mercurial (or any other modern system...).

If you go back a decade I adored CVS. Compared to the options at the time it was a winner.

Today? Not so much.
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