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iPod broke...

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Jan. 12th, 2008 | 07:38 pm

My trusty six year old iPod decided that the hard drive should stop making music, and instead make "plopping" noises.


  • Shuffle Probably all the music I need. I listen to only a little bit at any time, and though this device is 1gig and I need 8gig for my average collection of traveling music, this would be good enough.

  • Nano Tiny screen, but it can hold everything that my last iPod was holding. I am pretty sure I would go blind trying to look at the screen.

  • Classic Pointless. Too much data, and still a tiny screen.

  • Touch The software is broken, or half assed. Take your pick. It is crippled compared to the iPhone, and while the video would be nice, I would stay constantly annoyed at the half assed implementation. They should at least get the mail client working (and open up the SDK for it). I wonder if I could read books on it...

    I don't want to use my cell phone, my Treo is dieing enough as is.

    Apple has MacWorld next week... I shall wait...
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    I just upgraded my iPod

    from: tf23
    date: Jan. 15th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)

    I sold my 60GB iPod Photo, then snagged an iPod Touch. Mainly because I have some ideas for apps to write for it (I'm eagerly waiting on that SDK to appear).

    I could never fit the entire music collection on the 60GB anyway (its ~200GB). So the downsize from it to the touch wasn't a problem.

    And I cracked the iPod touch so now I can ssh/scp to it, and I put all the "missing apps" on it plus all the 3rd party apps. Its very fun to mess around with.

    The only problem I've had was the Touch form-factor wasn't good at the Gym. Then I found an iPod shuffle on the ground. It's size is fantastic for working out or mountain biking or _whatever_. It doesn't hold but one playlist my "workout" playlist, which populates itself randomly so the small selection is always "fresh".

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