Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Solaris, IPV6, getnameinfo() completely busted?

Dear LazyWeb,

No matter how I modify this following code it does not work with Solaris. Solaris always returns "non-recoverable name resolution failure":

     int error;
     char port_buf[NI_MAXSERV];
     size_socket addrLen = sizeof(vio->remote);
     if (getpeername(vio->sd, (struct sockaddr *) (&vio->remote),
                     &addrLen) != 0)
       DBUG_PRINT("exit", ("getpeername gave error: %d", socket_errno));

     if ((error= getnameinfo((struct sockaddr *)(&vio->remote),
                             sizeof(struct sockaddr_storage),
                             buf, buflen,
                             port_buf, NI_MAXSERV, NI_NUMERICHOST|NI_NUMERICSERV)))
       DBUG_PRINT("exit", ("getnameinfo gave error: %s",

Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, AIX, Windows.... all are fine. Except Solaris. For DNS resolution nsswitch.conf lists files, then DNS.

I am completely capable of FUBAR code myself. So some part of me really does believe this is my mistake. When I google for "non-recoverable name resolution failure" and Solaris I get plenty of hits though, so I am skeptical.

Very few open source projects have good IPv6 support at this time, so it is not like I can just poke around and other groups code and see how they are doing it (though I am tempted to fire off some patches...).

(...and yes this is MySQL, and if I have to all platforms but Solaris get IPv6 support, I have a very low tolerance for work arounds on broken operating systems).
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