Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Google’s Secret 10GbE Switch, My Wishes

My RSS reader just spit out an article on Google creating its own switches:

I've been hearing rumors about this for a while, and I am left completed unsurprised by it. From hacking with the Linksys WRTG-54 for the last couple of years I have realized that I wanted to do something similar. While I have a nice HP switch that I am using, it pales in comparison feature wise to what I have in the DD-WRT units that I use. I would like to replace the HP switch with a new switch running DD-WRT but I do not see that happening anytime soon. Trying to get 48 ports into a single piece of commodity hardware just does not seem to be viable. No one builds the hardware, and I am not interested in doing this with multiple computers. To make it really interesting for me, I would want all of the ports to be 1gig at this time (my HP has some 1 gig, but most are just 10/100). The only thing close I have ever found hardware wise is this:

No where near enough ports.

There are a number of little kernel based proxies I could write if I could get an open routing platform to develop on. There are many things that could be done if a switch was aware of the MySQL protocol :)

BTW you should check out the new graph support in the latest DD-WRT:

Knowing that Buffalo is going to be making use of DD-WRT pretty much tells me who I will be buying my next batch of wireless routers from.
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