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First thoughts on Leopard

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Nov. 7th, 2007 | 12:57 pm

Term Hallelujah! They finally added tabs. I've been using iTerm for years now for this reason, and while it has gotten better, it still crashes a lot. I have no idea why it took Apple this long to fix this.

From Row They are now including this on all Macs. About time...

Safari The new find feature makes find useable on web pages. Simple interface change but it overall quite nice. The "copy part of a page is dashboard" will either turn out to be one of my new favorite features, or I will forget about it completely. I've made a copy of some of the reporting widgets out of Google Analytics (which was cake to do). This has the potential to make Dashboard useful for me.

Time Machine I am finding myself a little bit scared of this one. It keeps all of its backups in some sort of uncompressed database. I am not sure how the Restore is supposed to work, and not being able to just copy out files makes me nervous. Also, no controls on "how often" to backup or how much to keep. This smells like a first version.

Broken Quicksilver I hear spotlight has gotten better, but I do not find that I care. I am annoyed that I cannot get Quicksilver to be hidden from the launch bar.

Mail.app Not tried out notes/tasks yet. I am happy with my RSS coming through NewsFire, enough so that I doubt I would use any sort of limited reader Apple would design. I caught Christine playing with the templates last night... I had to explain that those create HTML mail (which is the last thing I want to be sent). I may become very annoyed at Apple because of this feature.

iCal The interface is better (ok, or I am older and I like that they increased the size of the default font). CalDAV looks cool, but I don't know when I am going to have the time to setup a server for it. Google doesn't support CalDAV at this point and neither does Dopplr. For all Google does to publish stuff, it would be nice for them to extend more of their applications to using open standards.

MySQL Preference Pane is Broken I can not blame Apple for that one, it was probably our fault (though it is probably my fault, since I wrote that five years ago).

iChat Do I want to move from Adium to iChat? iChat has one thing going for it, that is video, otherwise it stinks. It uses different windows for different protocols, and it will not do Yahoo (and some of my friends do not have GMail, AIM, or LJ IM accounts). Losing Yahoo would be annoying or me, but I might just do it to get video. Skype of course does not inter-opt with anyone else, so I forget to turn it on a lot. I know that in theory I can support Yahoo through Jabber, but it won't get the names right in iChat windows.

There are some other features that shipped as well. I don't like Virtual Workspaces, so I won't enable that. BootCamp does nothing for me since I don't want dual boot.

And when I went to update this blog post online I noticed two additional features. I can now resize text area boxes, and snapback has search. I've never found snapback to be useful, and since I use del.icio.us I probably never will :)

If the grammar is awful in this blog post, blame Apple. I have now outsourced my ability to "create words in the english language" to the built in grammar checker. Yippee!

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Jamie McCarthy

(no subject)

from: jamiemccarthy
date: Nov. 7th, 2007 11:05 pm (UTC)

iChat throws all your conversations into one window if you check the "Collect chats" box. I don't know what's up with Yahoo but it works fine for me with both jabber and aim.

If you have an Address Book entry for whoever you're chatting with, iChat also drops in their Nickname instead of their full name. That feature helps a lot. Unfortunately it's a little buggy, it doesn't yet recognize all jabber nicks and if your nickname is the same as the user's first name it uses their whole name, doh.

Time Machine is very 1.0 but it's dead simple. When you do decide to use it, start it up before you go to bed some night, the first run takes forever. On my desktop, it's been copying a lot more data around than I thought I could possibly have touched, but maybe that's something about the way my 3rd-party mail program stores its mail database. On our laptop it's been taking incredibly long for its hourly check of the FireWire drive, so long I suspect it's a bug.

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