Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Linking to People, A New set of Rules

So once a day I get email from either Facebook or Linkedin requesting
that I link to someone.

Which translates into every few weeks I go and mass subscribe people
to my account. There are people though who's response just sits in
my queue

Those we don't use their real names. For some reason this
bothers me as of late. For Facebook and Linkedin I do not see the
point of not using your real name. I understand that people do this
and have their reasons. I just don't feel that I should link to you.

Out of context. For Linkedin I only link to people where it
makes sense. If I know you in person it does not matter how great of
an individual you are. To me the system is about linking up people I
know for business reasons. Not social.

Not enough information. I meet a lot of people when I travel.
Tell me please what the contact reference is. There are people who
make an impression on me but if I am in an audience of 1000 or more
people shaking hands. I will not always remember you. Feel bad that I
declined the link? Write to me about what you are doing. I've got
several lost contacts right now. I should frankly be more organized
but my available pipe is just too small. I am drowning in general
information, give me exact information.

Keep context. I don't link to everyone on Livejournal (hey! a
good number of you speak Japanese or Russian!). I link to those
people I am actively reading. I also "unfriend" people all the time
based on not finding the material interesting. It is not that I don't
like you, I just don't find myself following what you write. I write
about a bunch of geek stuff, I am amazed at how many people read what
I write.

Link to everyone? Link to only those I am closest with?

What "links" mean in the overall sense?

This blog post is starting to sound like an apology. I should just
delete it and link to someone who has already written far more
eloquently on this topic :)
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