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EC2, Beta is Over, 64bit has arrived..

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Oct. 16th, 2007 | 09:07 am

Just noticed in my inbox this morning a piece of email with the
following URL:

So it looks like the days of having to "know someone" to get an EC2
account is now over. It is also nice to see that 64bit instances are
now available.

Last week when I was at the PHP Zend conference talking about how to
deploy MySQL in EC2 and I got several questions that boiled down to
"but can I get a bigger instance"?

Which my answer was "I'm sure that is what they are thinking of
doing", when the real answer could have been "look closely at my
running configuration and you will notice what my instance is".

It is good to see Amazon make the announcement, especially after last
week announcing the SLA for their services.

Now we just need them to decide to put Dynamo up as a service :)

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