Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Gemini, Forgotten about this one aye?

Today is make public old trees day. Someone is probably going to
wonder why I am making Gemini public again, and the answer is
"someone asked". I've discovered that the only real way for me to
keep code around is to put it up publicly on my revision control system.

The code is old, and I've not made this branch compile in a while. It
will not work with a modern version of MySQL, in fact only ever
worked on a 4.0 Alpha version. I am told that the code for Progress's
current database is not all that different (in the core of the
storage engine), but I really do not know. I can tell you that the
code does require assembler for one operation and that this tree does
not have a working piece for my 64bit AMD. There are a couple of
additional branches out there of this code, but I don't know of
anyone who makes them public.

The code was shipped as GPL. I have no ownership of the copyright so
don't ask me if you can have it under a different license.

Unless you are a progress user, I can't imagine this is useful for
anything other then academic reasons.
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