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mysqlslap, Heidelberg, multiple loops...

Last week was the MySQL developers meeting. Since MySQL is a virtual company, I don't get a chance for direct feedback all that often from a room full of developers.

I ended giving three University sessions during the week. The only new one was on MySQL Slap (the rest of my talks were on Storage Engines and plugins). You can find the presentation here:

The presentation is just a bunch of bullet notes, I am told that they taped it and that a video will be coming out shortly (do not miss the one where I broke the glass mid session!).

BrianM had asked me a while ago about adding support to run multiple tests at the same time. This is what I have figured out so far:

./mysqlslap --only-print --concurrency=5 --iterations=1 --number-int-cols=2 --number-char-cols=3 --auto-generate-sql --auto-generate-sql-add-autoincrement --auto-generate-sql-load-type=write,read:4

As you can see, you can specify multiple load tests to be run at once. The parameter "4" means to multiply the concurrency by that number (so you can have more of one test). The above would generate 5 write tests, and 20 read tests. At the moment there are only a few "generators" but I will be adding more/adding some way for users to dynamically create them.

I am thinking about extending the syntax to files as well. So if you are writing your own tests you could do a:
and have essentially the same as above. This would greatly extend the current flexibility.
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