Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Screenshots, Thoughts on Jedis

Time vs (Money/Skill).

I go into the average IT startup that has been around for a few years
and I can mention our, meaning MySQL's, monitoring system and I hear
"We already built that. We have a couple of guys and all they do..."

Compare this to walking into a bank like I did this week. They loved
it. Typical Oracle shop migrating off Oracle and moving all new
systems to MySQL.

The difference?

The bank guys are focused on what they do, while the IT shop is
focused on build out. The IT guys feel that they are Jedi.

Hire Jedi. Hire the guy who needs to know how everything works. Hire
the guy who knows he needs to build his own lightsaber.

Avoid? The guy who thinks he also needs to build his own starship,
droids, sew his own cloak, and is into replacement body part surgery.

One of the most difficult things I have to explain to some companies
when I do consulting is "the guy you hired who told you that he can
package up his own distribution, and create Linux kernels for you?
Well those kernels are the source of your problems." The guy is
normally an awesome systems administrators. He can write plans for
data centers that can put you in the league of Google if you had the
cash. He doesn't know everything there is about Kernels though, and
when your database is crashing, or your machines are rebooting at
random, his kernels are probably at fault.

Google does build their own Kernels, but their Jedi are not IT guys,
they are actual Kernel developers.

And the bank? They had Jedi.

Their Jedi knew everything about redundancy, high availability, and
how to put vendor systems together.



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