Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Xen, Kung Fu, Rambling...

I feel like I am hitting a good mastery of Xen. The real magic left?
How the main process communicates during the point where you move one
running server to another. That part... not quite sure what is going
on with that.

virt-clone is an awesome little command that I just discovered
(oops!). The absurdity I was doing before I figured that out was more
then a little crazy.

I need to figure out how to backup the xen images. My base OS images
are all 8 gigs a piece. This means:

  • S3 Slow.... very slow to transfer these images.

  • Revision Control System I am wondering how well mercurial
    or bizarre would work if I started tossing 8 gig images in them. No
    possibility for deltas. I can re-clone to drop history when I need it
    (though I suspect that the new bzng feature to lose history might
    work). Distributed revision systems, for being distributed, do not
    cluster well. This seems like a fatal problem if you start tracking
    anything big in them....

  • Write a blob store database This last one interests me. I
    have been looking for an excuse to abuse the ATA over Ethernet
    specification for a while.

  • Mod_Repository It would work for this, though I need to
    take a look at how it sends and receives data since I am not sure how
    well it would take the hit of having 8gigs of data pushed through it.

    I sat and listened through a talk at OSCON about the topic of Xen
    image storage. The solution the fellow spoke about was pretty
    homegrown (which is... well where we are at at the moment). I find
    friends just copying around DVD images and creating directory
    databases (aka naming conventions) to track this stuff.

    Hmmm Fuse...
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