Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Train, Compared to planes...

On airplanes I get babies, people who talk too much and...


For one they are quieter. So this means the woman who is snoring two
rows back I hear loud and clear.

Forgetting my headphones make me much more aware of my environment.

The two stoners behind me who spent over an hour talking about how
much they loved pot?

I can't say I've heard anyone on an airplane go on for hours about pot.

From them I have learned:
1) Being stoned on a train makes them think they will fall asleep
because of the sway (it doesn't happen though).
2) Eugene Oregon has a "rally" once a week on the court's step to
legalize pot. They thought this was especially cool, since they spent
15 minutes alone repeating:

First stoner: "They have a rally?"
Second stoner: "Cool."
First stoner: "And they have drums?"
Second stoner: "Cool"
First stoner: "So they do this each week?"
Second stoner: "Cool"
First stoner: "That is so Cool."
Second stoner: "Cool"
First stoner: " So each week?"
Second stoner: "Cool"

3) Nature is cool. It's it cool to watch it from the train. The train
though should be replace by bullet trains like they have in Japan.
4) "Chillin like a villain" and "Keeping it real", are viable segways
between "Cool" and "Bellevue sucks".
5) Bellevue sucks. They were very clear about this.
6) "I am the lizard king" is always funny.
7) Every human being should derail trains with coins. Why? Because it
is cool. Their thoughts on how to make this happen? Get the big coin
from the bat cave.

I so need to pack spare headphones in my backpack for just these
moments :)
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