Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

myhttp engine 0.4, now with more columns :)

Multiple attributes per table are now supported. The engine now
handles tables with more then two columns by generating XML that is
stored on the remote server. Tables with only two columns are stored
as before, with the non-keyed attribute being directly provided to
the remote provider.

Why XML?

Its the web. This makes it easy for REST/AJAX applications to
retrieve the data directly as stored. The xmlrow library is licensed
under the BSD so that all engines (and this was designed in part for
Mark and the S3 engine) can use it. Additional portable row formats
for binary and JSON will follow.

You can find the engine here:

There is also a new version of mod_methods I released a few days ago
that can be found here:
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