Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Seattle, Clearwire no more... Good Customer Service though :)

Today was the day to cancel Clearwire. In short, it has never worked. I moved
it around my house, played with getting the direction right... it
just never worked. When it did work I would get bandwidth for all of
five or so minutes before the speed dropped to something I had not
seen since using dialup.

I've been really not looking forward to canceling the service. I
expected a major run around and to hear someone tell me that they
wanted to send out a representative before I would be allowed to leave.

By the end of the call, which took only 10 minutes, they agreed to
send me the mailing slip to return the modem. They won't end the
service until they get the modem, so I will be sending it off today
via UPS as soon as the email with the slip arrives.

The cancellation fee is $180, which is steep for a service that never
worked. I had planned on killing my main DSL line that I use for
MySQL, and switching to this service since DSL is so expensive in
Seattle, but no go...

Expect a major rant if Clearwire doesn't follow through on the
mailing label or on shutting down the service quickly once they
receive the box.
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