Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Google Street View, Street Theater...

Google Street
has me thinking a lot about David Brin's novel Earth. I woke up this morning thinking that we could
fit old people with cameras and let them make side money to
supplement their retirement. They could walk around with cameras and
if people clicked on them as a link it would count as a "page". Any
ads served up on the page they would take a cut of.

Or city buses, you could do this with city buses. As they drive
around their routes they could give up to the minute data. We could
use this to support alternative transportation means. The bus systems
would want to open up additional routes to make more income.

Hey you, the one reading my journal from the King County Metro Transit, be the first to
run to your boss with this idea.

Lets watch google back. We need a web site. We need an email address
for cell phones to email pictures.

What if we tracked google?

Street Theater. As google cars drive down the street and turn the
corner they are met with a full reenactment of a battlefield in Iraq.
People with protest signs. People in sandwich boards advertising
their favorite pet causes, or trying to sell bed mattresses (ok, at
least in Seattle that will happen if Google ever patrols on the

Could we get bike riders to heard google cars into the slums of our
cities to show how people live? To point out derelict landlords?

My neighbor could use this to show the world that I haven't mowed my
lawn yet this year.

There is a world of possibilities, lets start tracking the Google cars.
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