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May. 23rd, 2007 | 11:41 am

So Chris's post, about Cory's post has me thinking about what I buy. First of all, I am cheap, I only buy from second hand stores. This keeps me both in bookstores, and out of the habit of just reading books because I read one of the volumes in the series. Despite this I have a few hundred graphic novels :)

I also have lousy taste in Super Hero comics that I developed as a teenager. If you look through my Library Thing, you can see the evidence of this.

Zero Girl Surreal, angst world of circles vs triangles. I picked this up a few months ago and its second volume became my first "new buy" of a graphic novel in years.

UltimatesYes, this is Super Hero crap, and I never liked the Avengers in the first place. I do like the Ultimates. It may be because its a bit darker, or just because I happen to like the concept of a norse god who is an environmentalist.

Fallen Angel This is a recent find, and I only have one volume at the moment. Nice artwork, plus it goes a bit against the grain as far as being clever with character actions.

The Authority If you had a bunch of super powered humans walking around, isn't it likely that some of them would turn into rock stars and then ego their way into being a bunch of Fascists? I was talking to a friend recently about the world that is painted for this series and he commented on how much he hated it, just because all of the characters were a bunch of asses. That is the point :)

What do I have next to read? I've got seven volumes of Lucifer to read up on the shelf. I am also looking for the next volume in "Y the Last Man" that Chris mentioned. When I was last at Monty's I read several volumes of it that he had recently picked up.

Interested in the history of comic books? Try reading The Comics Journal Library: Frank Miller. Frank Miller has done amazing stuff. Even if you don't know his name, you have seen something that was inspired by him. "The Comics Journal Library: Frank Miller" is a collection of interviews by him over a period of two decades. Its amazing to read about the changes in the industry through the eyes of a creator. I stopped reading comics when I was 17, and only recently picked up the habit again. His views on the industry filled in some of the history that I missed when I stopped reading comics and really explained to me why we have such an explosion of amazing writing going on right now.

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