Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Hawaiian Shirts, Games Night

Why is it that none of the Hawaiian shirts I ever find look as good as the ones I see on TikiBar TV?

I must be missing all of the right stores.

Speaking of which, its summer and I need shirts. I believe I currently have all of four that I like, which is somewhat depressing when I probably have four times this amount sitting in the closet.

This does not count the giant bag of "conference t-shirts" that I have. Some day I will clothe the homeless with the supply I have obtained.

Game night went well. I won the Settlers game, lost in a round of blockus, and somehow did only moderate at the bean game. One group played RoboRalley the entire evening. I like the game... but I hate playing it when there are large numbers of people at the house. You get sucked into it for the entire night and then you don't get to actually socialize. The optimum number of people for a game seems to be around four, with the game becoming increasingly slow with more then that number.

Must go outside... must see big glowing ball of pain...

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