Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

The Perils of Perl, Do we need to take away your keyboard?

I love this stuff:

... and frankly I am not going to be as eloquent as Chromatic:


The concept that a language makes you write bad code, or difficult code to maintain, is just bizarre.

Ok, if the programming language required you to only use i, l, and 1, as variables I might buy it... but for some reason, which I can clearly articulate over dinner if you are buying, I don't really see perl as the limiting reason.

Perl does not prevent you from setting up coding standards, writing good comments, or structuring the layout of ideas such that someone else can not follow what you did. Nor does it require your program to dump core to stdout and print "redrum, redrum".

That would be a nifty easter egg though.

MySQL could use a few more...

And if I had any artistic skills what so ever this post would have a 1950's style horror cartoon with big "Beware of Perl" title, but I don't and when I went looking in Google Images for the pictures I got lost in a link feast of nifty comic art.
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