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uuid()! Hit a duplicate key!

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Apr. 18th, 2007 | 02:24 pm


[brian@zim memcache_engine]$ ~/tangent/bbench/network_run.sh
/home/brian/mysql-builds/example/bin/mysqlslap: Cannot run query INSERT INTO t1 VALUES (uuid(),1233983202,789373855,'jdtPbBILRQyiu7nZN3RdI96aQOP4Y0z7dlO4wbQF1OpvYdLnggGrqMP8mjCAjB9CwQHk1jruzhhXA2BibRZPqrPSQdX9gYDTyWDr5xdxWJSgDXEozg5hNW1pzYqgx3','9nQEfN38KZRh5hCCL3sRkFpm4pAuL7pWvFcQXgar52O3bdFwY7FHE53ImD47LtT81xaYT8Fb2YWd1lQZshqyelGOzCNCxsCyimMBmWep28IvlkSTIJRw4bDvnczlLB','bvpq6cCdH6db1NCTsWgKIdvXOb0OKDRn8HdEthjAnLdochAS3qgMJclk3d0FqR2ykY5dDof119pdqz6mie816ld9NdO55R4pr9J4pq5rrnSieQSK5SEB5rLKTlQQ4M') ERROR : Can't write; duplicate key in table 't1'

That should not be possible. I actually hit a duplicate key while using uuid() as the primary key.

Freaky weird...

So what does this mean?

It means I have found a bug... because that is a hell of a lot more likely...

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