Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Wardating, ValleyWag

Sorry Kevin, I just had to comment on this.

Over on Valleywag there is a reference up about Kevin using a concept of "Wardating". Basically he is sniffing AIM traffic in cafes looking for cute chicks who have just logged into AIM and sending them a message (and yes I know he is denying it... but even if he had, this shit happens all the time).

Folks, there is nothing new to this (and young geeks are complete dipshits about this sort of thing, I know I was).

When I was an undergrad, and the Prime was the computer of the moment, we did this sort of thing all the time. Sending messages to other user's screens... that was nothing. We would send strings of CTRL-G to terminals which would cause the terminal beep. We would do this randomly to terminals until we got a "ping" on some cute chick that was doing her homework.

Ever better? If you wanted to introduce yourself you hacked the printer queue. As soon as you saw that the cute chick had printed something you would push your print job in front of hers. All you had to do at this point was go up to the printer and start a conversation while she waited for your print job to finish.

Ok, I am an extrovert and not at all scared of flirting so this worked for me.

Messaging women, finding accounts... this sort of geek dating/pick up trick is not new at all :)

I am surprised anyone would even be embarrassed about it.

(Oh... and on a side note it sucks ass that someone went through is cell phone. I keep a password on my cellphone for exactly this reason...)
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