Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Clear Wire, Bittorrent, Iffy...

I'm a month into my Clear Wire usage and I have some very mixed
feelings about it. The service is only tolerable as backup internet
connection. Why is this?

From talking to some engineers at Intel I live between two zones, so
my wireless router keeps dropping connections and switching back and
forth between stations. This means my service is very uneven at
best. Most of the time it is just fine, but when it drops... it
drops. This makes page loads very sluggish. I thankfully don't use
this connection for SSH or I suspect I would be screaming. For what I
use it for, fetching a lot of web pages, its ok.

For large downloads of http documents it works just fine. Thanks to
some screwiness on Sun's download page, I've had to download the
latest Solaris a few times now. The download rate is 80% of
the advertised speed of the Clear Wire device so that isn't too
awful. The hick ups in the connection does cause issues, but its not
that bad.

Forget bittorrenting with Clear Wire though, they are doing some sort
of traffic shaping. I'm trying to download the latest Centos and its
just awful. Goes up and down and the upload rate is better then the
download rate. This doesn't make me happy, and if this was my only
internet connection I would have demanded a refund immediately. As
is, I can live with it, but its not great.

For those who are interested, the next three graphs are what I have
seen so far. They are ordered by day, week, and monthly (yes, these
are MRTG generated graphs).

So all in all, if you need a backup internet connection, it will
work. As a wireless solution you get a static IP and that was
important for me. If you are looking for a general purpose internet
connection shop elsewhere, this is not the system for you.

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