Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

GeoVector, ETel

This afternoon I am at O'Reilly's ETel conference (I am giving the closing talk on Hacking the Home with Asterisk). Hard lunch with Mark Spencer and spoke for a while to Artur of Livejournal. Had a few conversations so far on Cluster roadmap (surprise, surprise, people are happy to see that it can handle more data in 5.1).

The talks I have listened to so far:

The first was GeoVector, which is billed as a way to find out what objects are in "real space". Reminded me of the book "Rainbow's End"...

"The Human Race" is another talk going on. This is hilarious... its a turing test with a college sense of humor. You compete to be the first to talk to a live caller!

Botanicall is what you think... give whiney plants the ability to complain directly to you about their needs.

Nice little Xterm like device from a company called Ndiyo.

Phil Zimmermann spoke on his Zfone project.

I love listening to these sorts of talks, they generate ideas :)

...perhaps there is a future for "Talk to a Geek".
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