Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

ExploitSeattle, Rocky Horror, Everything

I've been working on a new backend for ExploitSeattle! during my last couple of vacations. It will be based on a new copy of everything that I have been working on. The old site is based on Slash which is a problem since:

1) Slash won't work on anything other then Apache 1.3
2) I dislike how Slash uses memory.
3) I don't feel like hacking on it anymore (and have not in about four years).

Number three is the most important reason :)

I've been using my custom copy of edev for TangentOrg,, and a few other sites I maintain for a few years. The only site left on Slash is ExploitSeattle and I am hoping to finally move it in about a week or so.

So why the reference to the Rocky Horror in the subject? I started using Google Analytics back in October to get statistics on sites. Its rather slow but it works (though it does under report...).

The page most referred from Google according to Analytics? The page with the schedule for the Rocky Horror Picture show and its schedule in Seattle. The second most visited page? A link to some Christian Rock show that passed through Seattle a while ago.

Funny :)
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