Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Engine Updates, Skeleton, Talks, Information Schema

I've updated the Skeleton Engine. It is the example engine from inside of MySQL placed in a skeleton project with a complete setup for Automake done for you already (and an example file for compiling). I've added a flag I found that PBXT had added to the ac_mysql.m4 file and I have also incorporated the changes sent to me for adding Windows support. Several engines now make use of its initial framework and I am happy to take back examples for it:

This week I gave a presentation at the PHP Vancouver conference. I showed off how to write a pluggable I_S (wrote it the span of about two hours). You can get the code from here:

The presentation can be found here:

Finally there is inside of the 5.1 tree an example of a daemon plugin in the plugin/ directory. It just shows how to generate a thread and creates a simple heartbeat file. If I get a chance I'll add an example of how to have it also generate a network heartbeat as well (should be einfach).

BTW I've released the latest version of the memcache engine for MySQL. You can find it here:

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