Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Zeal, Free your router

Every time I walk into the MySQL office here in Machester by the Sea
I find myself eyeing the WRT54G and thinking to myself "Hmmmm I have
the latest image of DD-WRT on my laptop, and this router is a version
3,... it is such a shame its running that lousy firmware."

Thanks to age, and the wish to not become IT staff, I never flash it.

But is is tempting.

At Antioch I taught a class in operating system design when 386BSD
had just been out for a year or so. Learning "UNIX" was hot then and
there was a demand for the class. At the time 386BSD, which
eventually became FreeBSD, was the only route to go for a PC that got
you an un-crippled version of a UNIX like OS.

It came on 54 floppies. My students would download it, and run off to
find PC's to play with. Since Antioch had almost know Intel machines
at the time, almost everything was a Mac, this was not easy to do.
The only PCs that were easily accessable where in the library.

This lead to the librarian at the time hunting me down to ask me to
inform my students that formatting the library computers to "improve"
them was not not ok (it was in conflict with the other students who
kept putting Civilization on the computers to play games).

Needless to say my students took the message to heart. Which means
that they formatted even more machines and set up a local mirror to
make the process even faster :)

The wireless router is safe for the moment.

...and I still have one copy of 386BSD left on 5 1/4 media.

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