Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Pushbuild, Why I am still awake

Every so often someone will ask me "What is this pushbuild thing I
hear MySQL developers talk about?"

The answer is that it is an automated build system that we "push"
code into. It was written by Kristian Nielsen a little over a year
ago. When using BitKeeper you have to "push" code to another
repository. In CVS or Subversion you just commit to one repository,
BitKeeper put the concept of distributed versioning into people's
minds (and its a very powerful tool for distributed development). I
really can not imagine using a non-distributed revision control
system any longer.

What we look for in development, and releases, is a "green tree". The
nice thing about pushbuild is that I can see how my builds work on
different platforms. For example I don't do windows programming but
via pushbuild I can see if my code built on Windows. I've used this
several times to fix both my own and other people's code. While I
keep several platforms available for myself to test on, by pushing
into a large farm of machines I get far better testing (and MySQL
gets better testing for the many platforms we support).

And what am I waiting up for? The Arch tree is the tree I use to test
code. If I can get all of the little boxes green I can merge my tree
to the main tree and go to bed.

Or I could just go to bed... which is sounding better by the minute....

Damn watched pot won't boil :(
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