Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Glitter is a Liquid, Dog is my Copilot

Flying to Boston this morning, I have a talk to give at MIT tomorrow, and will spend the rest of the week with the MySQL Falcon team.

So how is security this morning?

The raver chick in front of me in line had a "gallon bag" which the
agent spent ten minutes on trying to help her sort through. He
wouldn't let her friend take anything from the bag and pack it in her

"Sorry, it is her stuff and she is limited to the advertised amount."

He helped her sort out the liquid items since she had the bag
completely filled.

He put the glitter in the liquid bag.

Glitter is a liquid?

Now it floats in air so it is sort of a fluid... not really.

This doesn't matter to me at all though.

Why is that?

Did I end up with some cute friendly chick to spend the
next six hours with?


I got seated next to a dog!

Not a little rat like one, but a full size, incredibly cute dog.

This might just be the nicest "person" I will sit next to for the
enter year.

In other words a great way to start off a year of travel :)

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