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NAS (yet more), did you catch Apple's new Base Station?

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Jan. 9th, 2007 | 07:09 pm

While everyone is off debating if the iPhone or the iTV is hipper,
there was another interesting announcement.

Apple released an upgrade to their Wireless base station which
includes a USB port which can share a hard drive.

NAS anyone?

The technical information mentions that Windows machines can connect
to the NAS device I will assume it is running Samba. At the under
$200 price tag that makes the device about $100 more then the
comparable devices that you can find on the market (though none of
these support 802.11N just yet).

I knew I should have written up my prediction the other day that
Apple would enter into the home NAS business :)

With Apple hitting the numbers selling hardware, it makes you wonder
who the fellows in Redmond have on their list to acquire (not that
they are likely to).

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