Brian "Krow" Aker (krow) wrote,
Brian "Krow" Aker

Long Tail, Medicine

Yesterday I was listening to the audio podcast from ETech last year by Chris Anderson and found myself centered on his quick thoughts on medicine and the "Long Tail".

He thought that customized medicine was "medium tail".

Nope, I do not buy this, its Long Tail, and the future is already here.

In Washington we license alternative medical providers.

And what do they provide?

They provide custom solutions. They take holistic approaches to medicine and provide care to particular individuals.

And guess what the future holds?

Customized drugs.

Today we are creating a giant knowledge base on the human genome, and along with this we are creating drugs for the masses. We are building a foundation to deliver custom solutions for the future. Patents may kill drugs from being a Long Tail until enough time has expired that we can grow this industry through commodization of drugs, but it will happen.

And if the patents don't ever expire?

Then I would paint a future where drug lords from Canada have labs that produce "super aspirin" which is targeted toward individuals with a certain DNA type. They whip up flu vaccines in the Yukon which cure the latest global epidemics. The Narcotic lords from South America will be ditching their narcotics facility to create generic anti-aging drugs. The Indian Mafia will own large sections of Africa thanks to drug sales.

It will happen.
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