February 19th, 2008


Thoughts on blending in...

When I was in Japan back in December a business partner marveled that I could eat with chop sticks. His son it seems has rejected them.

Today was the third time I've been asked if I have lived in India before.

Why? I eat the food like a native, and know how to order what I want to eat.

The secret?

When I was 15 I got into a kick of just eating with chop sticks. When traveling I would carry them with me since I found them easier to deal with then silverware.

When I was 18 I first ate Indian food with a family that had just moved to the states. They made a point of showing me how to eat it properly with bread (to this day I pretty much never pick up silverware when eating Indian). I do not though have the cupped finger trick for soup down pat :)

Its funny how people pick up on eating habits. I always thought it was important to experience food in the way it was originally served. Adds to the experience :)

I cannot though pronounce all of the different types of food I have eaten. I know some basics so I know what is in what I am eating.

Final thought... you have never had Masala Chai until you buy it off a guy on the corner who grinds the spices himself. The stuff served in hotels come from powder, and it is quite weak compared to what the original tastes like.

Architecture and Technology, Extending MySQL

I just noticed that my talk "Extending MySQL" is now up on the MySQL User's Conference site. For the talk I have a couple of extra additions that I plan to show off this year.

These include my "How to add a new protocol to the server", where I show off my UDP protocol for MySQL via a plugin :)

Want to attend the conference? I have got a discount code you can use to get in for a bit less cash.

So... if you are looking for a discount on the entrance fee drop me a note.

Want to go for free next time?

Submit a proposal next year :)

Since Hyper Table is being brought up...

I have noticed some posts today on Hyper Table passing by Planet MySQL.

Here are a couple of more links you should look at:

Article by Don Marti:

Podcast on it:

Don introduced it to me a little while ago. Personally I am pretty excited to see this work being done.

Now will someone please deliver a Map/Reduce system written in either C or Python? I have a big preference for it to be C.

(My other option for a Map/Reduce system is to cobble together some Danga technology and see what I can put together).