September 14th, 2007


MySQL Korean User Conference

Spent the day giving talks at the MySQL Korean User Conference.

A number of surprises:

1) A lot of the audience spoke english.
2) I got enough advanced questions to realize that this was not an
audience who had "just heard of" MySQL. They were users.
3) It was nice to talk to several people about projects that they
told me about last year when I was here for Linux World.
4) Even when the person doesn't speak english, I can figure out what
they are saying if they talk about MySQL. The nouns are all the same :)

Tomorrow I get a bit of spare time before my flight to walk around
the city (which is awesome, since I really like Seoul). I always find
the people to be very friendly here.






Walking around this morning...

Flight out of Korea this morning. Woke up early and hacked a bit on
getting the 5.2 tree cleaned out of warnings. I then went for a walk
at the local temple.

I had to add a patch to AZIO for AIO, since Solaris will respond
occasionally with "DEVICE BUSY", so I created fall back logic to go
use pread() if the aio_read() call fails. Rewrote a piece of code
last night to remove a variable that I didn't need.

I had been given a suggestion in this particular case on using a hack
with a number to track state. I decided to avoid that advice since
every time I looked at the piece of code I had to remind myself how
it worked (and I really dislike tricky code...).

Of course sitting here writing this it crosses my mind that I should
add a suspend call just in case to the failed aio_read on Solaris...

Pictures of my morning walk follows :)